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Come to eat, stay to be entertained! Bumsteds is the place to be for epic food AND epic nightlife! No flash, no frills, just real people offering a real experience!

Who are these real people? The people behind the uniquely delicious food, the fruity fun cocktails, and the quirky karaoke? The enigma that is Bumsteds.


Allow us to properly introduce ourselves.


We are Scot and Barb, and we’ve been serving the Tucson community real food and real experience for a really long time.


For over 30 years to be exact! We don’t know any other way to live. We have run restaurants together since we said “I Do,” crafting genuine experiences for Tucsonans at establishments all over town, including Kon Tiki, Dagwood Café, and The Reef.

We don’t care about trends, or fluff, or foo foo. We care about a product that endures. We have dedicated our lives to creating a genuine experience for anyone who plants their bums in our seats. We truly do love your bum at Bumsteds!

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That is why, of all our businesses, Bumsteds is our baby, and not just because it’s the place where we raised our actual baby Maddie. Who has joined us on our mission of serving good food and good times! Bumsteds is the place where we have best been able to connect with you, Tucson. It all started on 4th Avenue over 15 years ago, the thick-cut bacon, the homemade meatloaf sandwiches, and the scratch sauces that so many of you know us for were born and we thank you!


And now we’re just down the street on Speedway and Stone, BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER.


A bigger kitchen means more creative cuisine!! A bigger bar means more outlandish nightlife! And most importantly, a bigger parking lot means more room for you and your bums!


So come on down and experience the realness of Bumsteds for yourself! Where we love your bum!

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